From ACUE to Campus Partners: Have a Great Term!


With a new academic term starting this month, ACUE would like to wish faculty members a productive and engaging start to their classes.

As one professor wrote in ACUE’s Community Forums last week, the new year offers us a moment to set our sights on new opportunities for learning and new ways to grow our knowledge.

“I think this time of year is a wonderful time to think about the past year, and come up with ways to improve in the new semester,” the professor shared in the New Years’ Teaching Resolutions discussion. Join the ACUE Community to read the discussion and join the conversation.

ACUE and our college and university partners have much to be excited about, as the new year begins. Last fall, over 400 educators, from a dozen colleges and universities, helped ACUE pilot our new, state-of-the-art Course in Effective Teaching Practices. Our course-takers found the Course relevant to their work, are implementing high-impact techniques, and report improved student engagement.

Read more about our partners from the Fall 2015 Pilot and what faculty members are saying about the Course.

As you begin the new academic term, we hope that you will join the vibrant conversations underway in the new ACUE Community. In addition posting your New Years’ resolutions, you can discuss important questions in college instruction with other professors from across the country and catch up on the latest news from the world of higher education.

Sign up today to join the Community!

From the ACUE team, we would like to wish everyone at our partner colleges a happy new year and a warm welcome back to school.

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