Reply To: How do you get ready for the beginning of a term?

Nathasha Brooks

Hi NJ Professor,
These are excellent ways to prepare for the beginning of a new term. That’s a great idea to assess what went well and what didn’t and adjust the syllabus accordingly. Teaching is an iterative process and requires revisions as needed.

I especially like how you incorporated social media into your first day activity. That probably went over well with your students because they are so adept at using it. They are familiar with it and can relate to it. It is a great idea to start with what they know and build up from that.

I found that I was unable to do any type of first day activity with my students last semester because we started three weeks late and were behind the other students. I had to cram an entire class into a shortened schedule. Therefore, I had to start the lessons with them right way as it was a skills class.

Thanks for sharing and have a great semester.

Best always,