Reply To: Learning Names!

Nathasha Brooks

Hi Jamie,
What a novel idea! I am definitely a floater and will walk around the classroom. I dothat to keep the students engaged and “on their toes” because they never know where I might end up. Also, no matter how many times I told them about texting in class, there’s always that one who will try it. So…I walk and I found it helped a lot. I pay special attention to the back because I know they’re there for a reason–and it’s usually to sneak in a text, sleep, or goof off in general. Sleeping is not allowed, so I do as much to keep them engaged as possible. They know my no texting or phone call policy, and I allow them to eat in class of they need to. So why should they feel a need to sneak anything? I find that floating works very well. What is your experience with floating?